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Welcome to Review Haven!  Your one-stop shop for product reviews, business reviews and any other reviews!

Your opinion matters!

We at Review Haven know that everyone needs products and services.  We buy and use them everyday and we've all had experiences with either products or businesses that have left us thinking...

  • we LOVE it!... or
  • we HATE it!.. or maybe...
  • it was just okay.

Either way, our opinion matters!  So whether it is a message to congratulate a business on a job well done, or to provide feedback with facts that could help a business improve their product or service, it's worth mentioning. 

It's also a way for you to research the opinions of others who have already experienced the product or service before you spend your hard earned money.  And there is power in the voices of many!

And here at Review Haven, you can find all your reviews in the one spot!  No more searching around random blogs trying to find those reviews here and there - we've compiled them all to make it easier for you!

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Review Haven want to reward the members that make this website so great!  So throughout the year, we'll be running promotions and holding competitions with prize giveaways.  So make sure you keep your details up to date and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Twitter so you can hear about it first! 

Are you a business?

Review Haven can help your business in many ways - including but not limited to:

  • List your business, products or both in one convenient place where everyone can find and review you;
  • With a premium package you can add additional content, prominence and flexibility to your listing with the added ability to interact with your customers directly when they review your product or service;
  • Inclusion on a world-wide business directory; and
  • Enables you to differentiate your business from your competition through word of mouth about your quality and service. 

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