Bronze Package

Price per month:
AUD $20.00 (+GST)

The Bronze Listing Package is the first of the paid level of packages and includes easy to use features in addition to that of a Basic Listing, so you can provide your customers with more details about your business or products (if you choose to complete the fields).  It includes:

  • your listing title/name;
  • your listing description;
  • your listing category;
  • up to 5 images;
  • website address;
  • your listing address (with a Location Map);
  • your model details (applicable to product listings); and
  • your trading hours.

See an example of a Bronze Listing Package - CLICK HERE

Before you purchase this package - please note:

  • The price of AUD $22.00 (inclusive of 10% GST) is the price per month, based on a 12 month direct debit payment period from the Registered User's nominated credit card. 
  • There is no cancellation fee if you choose to cancel the monthly payment prior to the end of the 12 months however forfeiture of certain paid amounts may apply*. 
  • Should you wish to repurchase the package, then you may do so at the new per month package price applicable at the time of the new purchase. 

* Please refer to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for more information applicable to this package.  

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