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Play as the best drivers in the Championship and experience the competition through its 13 official events and race in the key locations from the real WRC rallies.

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Reviews for WRC 7

  • Review MVP rated this 7 out of 10

    Written on 23 November 2017 Member since 9 May 2011

    Realistic racing conditions in the 13 official countries of the WRC.


    Limited options in career mode that can get repetitive.


    All World Rally Championship fans will enjoy being able to get behind the wheel and experience the scenery and different tracks around the world. From asphalt, to dirt and to the snow, players will need to change their driving style to suit the conditions and not be left at the side of the road. The tracks are really challenging especially for players who are used to a less realistic arcade style of racing game.

    Players sign up to a team and represent them in trying to win by competing in the 13 official countries of the World Rally Championship. From the snow in Sweden to the dirt of the Australian outback, the different conditions definitely test the driving skills. If it seems too hard, players can change the difficulty setting to hopefully get closer to the top of the table.

    If the normal races become too easy, players can test the new Epic Stages which are a lot longer and can take up to five times longer to complete. This is a true test of skill as well as patience as the stages are longer than any other race experienced before so they live up to their name.

    As you race, you have the opportunity to repair your vehicle, but not make too many changes at all. This can be limiting compared to other racing games where you can upgrade to a better vehicle as you succeed and win. So the career mode can become very repetitive with nothing much else to do other than aim to win and repeat. A good realistic racing sim that will test any arcade racer.

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