Ahmet's Turkish Restaurant (South Bank)

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10 Based on 1 Review

From traditional Turkish meals to mesmerising belly dancers , Ahmet’s had a stylish mix of sensational food, traditional decor and personalised service.  Located in South Bank, Brisbane, QLD.

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Reviews for Ahmet's Turkish Restaurant (South Bank)

  • Rolanna rated this 5 out of 10

    Written on 22 October 2012 Member since 14 August 2012

    Good location, interesting entertainment on the weekend


    Bad service. food is expensive for the quality, although portions are huge


    Ahmet's (Southbank) offers a unique Trukish theme dining experience, with decor and entertainment to match. They offer a decent selection of Turkish dishes, which something for most tastes. Although the dishes are edible, the portions are on the larger side, and the price is a steep for the quality of the food.

    The service is also lacking. On a recent visit, food and drinks were sporadically being bought out, and several were simply left on the end of the table, not served to the people who ordered them. Upon inquiry of missing food/beverages, little was done to chase them up.

    On the plus, the belly dancing/musical entertainment of a weekend is quite enjoyable to watch while dining (but be warned, there is audience participation)

    In short, there are alternative turkish restaurants in the area where you can get a great meal for similar (or even cheaper) prices.

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