Fifty Shades of Grey (Movie)

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10 Based on 1 Review

When innocent college student Anastasia Steele interviews the young, brilliant, and beautiful entrepreneur Christian Grey, she is surprised to discover that she desires him deeply. And as for Christian, he finds himself intrigued by, and unable to resist, the extremely attractive and independent Ana - but Christian makes clear that their relationship must proceed on his own terms. Initially hesitant about Christian's shocking erotic preferences, Ana uncovers the man's secrets, demons, and the roots of his need for control as the pair becomes physically and passionately involved. As the affair grows, Ana even confronts her own unexpected dark desires. It's an erotic, amusing, and spicy tale of emotional growth and physical pleasures.

Starring:  Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Jennifer Ehle, Luke Grimes, Victor Rasuk

Rating:  MA (2015)

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Reviews for Fifty Shades of Grey (Movie)

  • Kepi rated this 6 out of 10

    Written on 30 March 2015 Member since 30 June 2011

    It flows pretty much exactly to the book (with the exception of the cons mentioned below). And they still managed to include the email and phone messages quite well into the script.


    Being an MA movie, it could never have the same raunchy feel as the books have. And there is a lot of "emotional talk" in the book that can't be portrayed on the big screen. The press beforehand about the actors getting sick of shotting the steamy scenes did make their "chemistry" on screen appear less convincing. For this reason, I think they could have chosen better suited actors with more chemistry.


    Coming from someone that has read the books, I know that the first book is really just the introduction to the series, cuts off suddenly, and leaves lots of unanswered questions. So if you haven't read the books (and know that all of the questions and background gets revealed in the next two books), then I can see that you would be disappointed with where this movie ends.

    That being said, I think that they did an okay job in converting the book into the movie. GIven that I know that the storyline does get better, I would recommend that people do give the 2nd and 3rd movies a go, as it will start to make more sense. I'm glad I saw this movie and regardless of the reviews, am definitely going to see the next 2!

    (Noting that if I hadn't read the books, I'd probably give it a 4, however since I have, I'll give it a 6). If the next movies are done right, then hopefully the ratings will get better from here.

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