Naturally 7

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10 Based on 1 Review

Naturally 7 is an American music group with a distinct a cappella style they call "Vocal Play". They sing primarily R&B with extensive beatboxing.

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Reviews for Naturally 7

  • Kepi rated this 8 out of 10

    Written on 22 March 2014 Member since 30 June 2011

    Pretty impressive that they can sound so great without instruments.


    None worth mentioning.


    Naturally 7 have got to be one of the best acapella groups! First learned about them from the YouTube clips of their random songs on the trains! They sound great and if you like R&B or easy listening music, then you can go and just zone out whilst appreciating the music! It was so good that there were standing applauses at the end! Definitely worth seeing live!

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