Hillmark Scalex Heavy Duty Home Descaler

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Hillmark Scalex gets tough on lime, calcium and rust. Lime scale & calcium build-up decreases the efficiency of hot-water appliances, which increases running costs & shortens the appliance’s life. This is particularly severe in hard water areas, which is where Scalex does its best work. Its super concentrated formula makes Scalex the fastest & most effective descaler on the market.

Add a few tablespoons to your empty dishwasher and washing machine to descale the machine and the pipes. 

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Reviews for Hillmark Scalex Heavy Duty Home Descaler

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    Katlion rated this 9 out of 10

    Written on 29 October 2012 Member since 29 July 2012

    Econonically (around $11) and lasts for numerous wahses. Very eash to use just add a couple of tablesppons, turn out and walk away. Equivalent dishwashing suppliers equivalent product is single use and costs a lot more. Added bonus can use on washing machine and others household items. And, yes you do need to "descale" these machines otherwise you will eventually need to get the mechanic out.




    Fantastic, recommend to all my friends.

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