CareDent Interbrush

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InterBrushes are fine, soft-moulded, tiny interdental rubber brushes that work as the worlds smallest toothbrush. They effectively massage gingivae to increase circulation and remove plaque and food. The soft rubber prevents damage to gums, teeth, crowns and dental implants.

InterBrush is a metal-free interdental brush, so there is no risk of damage to teeth and gums. Effectively messages gums, resulting in better blood circulation. The small, flexible rubber brush can adapt to any interdental space.

Carry Case in each pack so you can take your InterBrushes wherever you go and keep them clean.

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Reviews for CareDent Interbrush

  • Kepi rated this 8 out of 10

    Written on 27 September 2012 Member since 30 June 2011

    Much prefer rubber interdental brushes to other wire ones: really comfortable and easy to use; less likely to damage gums; food doesn't stick to the brushes as much when reusing; gets rid of left over plaque in hard to reach places (even after brushing and flossing). When taken care of, these can last for many uses.


    They bend/break easier than the wire ones. The rubber will gradually wear off so may not last as long as the wire ones.


    These are the best interdental brushes that I have been able to find. I much prefer these ones to the wire ones. Although they can bend/break easier than wire ones, the rubber makes it so much easier to use as you're at less risk of damaging your gums. They're a good addition to use with your brush and floss routine. And they are great for people with braces or fixed retainers.

    Hint: don't force them though, otherwise they will break easily.

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